About Blended Rye Whisky

About Blended Rye Whisky
Blended Rye Whiskey is a blend of whiskies of which 51% must be a Straight Rye Whiskey. These quality of these blends runs the gamut from those made by economical blending less-than-stellar spirits, to creative craft spirits made by artfully mingling great whiskies.

Top Picks for Blended Rye Whisky

Three Chord Amplify Rye Whiskey
93 points
Golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of rye crisps, baked apricot, nutmeg, fresh dill, and sage with a satiny, crisp, fruity medium body and a sleek, compelling, medium-long finish. A smooth, well-integrated rye with both spicy and delicate flavors that delight the senses; practically cognac-like.
93 points $49.99
Mayor Pingree Orange Label Blended Rye Whisky
87 points
Amber color. Aromas and flavors of freshly baked marble rye with salted butter, cherry bitters, and green apple with a silky, bright, dry medium body and a warming, appealing, medium-length finish evoking notes of toasted multigrain bread, candy roasted walnuts, and sugar cookie. A contemplative Whisky expressing the softer, sweet and malty side of Rye.