About Cabernet Franc Red Wine

About Cabernet Franc Red Wine
Cabernet Franc is very closely related to cabernet sauvignon; it is widely presumed that cabernet franc is just a well established mutation. It is ideally suited to cooler climates, as it buds and ripens earlier than cabernet sauvignon. Additionally, it is less susceptible to poor weather during harvest. In the Medoc and Graves region of Bordeaux, where it typically constitutes about 15% of the final blend, it is seen as a measure of insurance against poor cabernet sauvignon or merlot weather. Cabernet franc used to be planted almost as widely as cabernet sauvignon in Bordeaux well into the 60s, but cabernet sauvignon had swung into such favor that 30 years later it had twice the acreage of cabernet franc.

Top Picks for Cabernet Franc

Jarvis 2016 Estate Cabernet Franc
95 points
A divine Cabernet Sauvignon that is sure to please.
Awards: 2022 Best Cabernet Franc
Shenandoah Vineyards 2018  Cabernet Franc
95 points
Best Buy
A decadent and distinctive Cabernet Franc that assuages the palate with creamy oak and enlivens with snappy fruit and charming terroir.
Awards: 2021 Best Cabernet Franc
95 points $20 Best Buy
William Heritage 2019 Estate Reserve Normans Vineyard Cabernet Franc
94 points
A fruity and savory expression of Cabernet Franc that is very soif-able.
Jarvis 2019 Will Jarvis Science Project Cabernet Franc
94 points
A rich, savory Cabernet Franc that is built to last.
Knapp Winery 2020  Cabernet Franc
94 points
A clean and precise cool climate Cabernet Franc with spot-on varietal character and juicy, chewy structure.
White Horse Winery 2018 Reserve Cabernet Franc
94 points
A poised Cabernet Franc that will delight at the table.
Reynolds Family Winery 2018 Due Diligence Cabernet Franc
94 points
A dense and spicy Napa Cabernet Franc that will seamlessly pair with steak; decant or cellar.
Second Line Wines 2019 Celebration Cabernet Franc
93 points
A powerful, concentrated Cabernet Franc with great varietal character and panache.
Working Dog Winery 2019 Estate Cabernet Franc
93 points
A dry, tangy Cabernet Franc that will liven up a meal.
White Horse Winery 2018  Cabernet Franc
93 points
A rich and layered Cabernet Franc with great structure for aging or enjoying with a fine steak now.