About Red Wines from Portugal

About Red Wines from Portugal
Portuguese wine is of course, most famously represented by Port, a fortified wine made from grapes in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. There are several different types of Port, from the basic Ruby, meant for early consumption to vintage ports, which drink well in some instances upon their 30th or 40th birthday. Other wines from Portugal include dry table reds made form grapes that can also be used for Port production. These include Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cao and Tinta Barroca; of these three, it is Tinta Nacional that produces the most powerful wines. These are big, ripe, modern red wines with moderate acidity. The best white wine in Portugal is Albarino, an aromatic, dry white with plenty of floral perfumes as well as white spice notes. These are lovely wines for shellfish or merelt for consumption on a hot summer's day. Vinho Verde - literally "green wine" - is a lighter, dry to off dry white that is refreshing and down to earth; it pairs well with simple salads and seafood. Finally there is Madeira, a fortified wine from the eponymous island in the Atlantic. Examples of Madeira have been known to age for more than one hundred years and in a few examples, even two centuries

Top Picks for Portugal

Red Wines

Freixo 2019 Special Edition Petite Sirah
94 points
A remarkable complex and appetizing red with exotic coffee and umami flavors to entice and delight the palate, particularly at the table with a hearty, meaty meal.
Freixo 2017 Family Collection Estate Red Blend Alentejo
94 points
Black and red fruit compote with no sweetness; a great bbq wine or a charming pairing with a mole sauce.
Awards: 2022 Best Portuguese Red
Freixo 2018 Reserva Red Blend Alentejo
93 points
A perfect blend of Old World nuance and New World fruit and oak.
Freixo 2019 Reserva Red Blend Alentejano
92 points
A big wine for a big, rich dinner; intense and delicious.
Casa Ferreirinha 2019 Esteva Douro
92 points
Best Buy
A crowd pleasing table red that will pair well with steak and bbq.
92 points $10 Best Buy
Freixo 2018 Terroir Estate Red Blend Alentejo
92 points
A broad shouldered red that demands a food pairing and would be a great option to try for a new world Cabernet drinker.
Aviana 2022 Red Blend Portugal
88 points
A delicious red wine pairing for grilled or roasted red meat courses.
Freixo 2020 Terroir Estate Red Blend Alentejano
88 points
A big and brooding red blend to pair with beef or a cigar.
Freixo 2020 Reserva Red Blend Alentejo
88 points
Bold but with finesse and layers of flavor.
Venancio Da Costa Lima 2020 Pioneiro Red Blend Vinho Regional Peninsula de Setubal
88 points
Best Buy
Rich black fruits with good structure, this will pair well with short rib or braised lamb shank.
88 points $12 Best Buy