About Carmenère Red Wine

About Carmenère Red Wine
Carmenère is a red wine produced from the eponymous variety in Chile. It was originally thought to be Merlot that was brought over from Bordeaux in the 19th century, but in the mid-1990s, research proved it was not Merlot, but indeed Carmenère, which had been thought of as extinct.

Top Picks for Carmenère

Yorkville Cellars 2018 Rennie Organic Estate Vineyard Carmenere
94 points
A delightfully balanced, light on its feet Carmenere that will blend in seamlessly at the table.
Awards: 2021 Best Domestic Carmenère
Mosqueteros 2019 Gran Reserva Carmenere
90 points
Best Buy
A sprightly red that brings savory interest and a lively finish.
Awards: 2021 Best Chilean Carmenere '2021 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 Red Wine $15 and Under'
90 points $14 Best Buy
La Playa 2020 Estate Series Carmenere
89 points
Best Buy
A dark and chocolate heavy red wine that would pair well with mole.
89 points $9 Best Buy
Bodegas Tagua Tagua 2020 Reserva Carmenere
89 points
Best Buy
A smooth and herbal sipper to compliment grilled vegetables.
89 points $11 Best Buy
Axel 2018  Carmenere
88 points
A smoky, earthy Chilean red for the table.
Artesania 2020 Gran Reserva Carmenere
87 points
Best Buy
A smoky, oaky Cabernet Sauvignon with a fruity center.
87 points $11 Best Buy
La Playa 2019 Reserva Carmenere
85 points
A wild and wooly red for the hunter's table.