About Pinotage Red Wine

About Pinotage Red Wine
Pinotage is the signature red variety of South Africa; it was developed there in 1925 as a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. The wines made from Pinotage are quite ripe, with flavors of wild cherry and blueberry and have a bit of a wild streak to them with aggressive tannins. Most are reasonable priced from $10-$15 and are thus meant for consumption within three to five years. Pair these wines with stews, duck, roast pork or tangy cheeses.

Top Picks for Pinotage

Riebeek Cellars 2019  Pinotage
89 points
Best Buy
A delightful red that manages to be both bright and rich, fruity and savory.
89 points $12 Best Buy
Indwe 2020  Pinotage
88 points
Best Buy
A bright, food friendly wine with complex savory and fruit flavors; try with otherwise hard to pair game dishes.
88 points $15 Best Buy