About Petit Verdot Red Wine

About Petit Verdot Red Wine
Petit Verdot is a red Bordeaux variety, one of five permitted in a Bordeaux classified wine. It is almost never seen as a stand-alone variety in this region, instead it is a blending component, used primarily to add color to the wine.

Top Picks for Petit Verdot

Jarvis 2018 Estate Petit Verdot
96 points
A black fruit backbone with dashes of green herbs and a whole field of purple flowers; this is exactly what Petit Verdot is supposed to be.
Spangler 2020  Petit Verdot
94 points
Rarely seen as a single varietal, this expression shows the rich floral, savory, and purple fruit tones that are great in a blend and more than good enough to be enjoyed independently.
Jarvis 2014 Estate Petit Verdot
93 points
An incredible example of Petit Verdot that is a bit barrel forward now but will unfurl and improve for decades.
Clovis Point 2019  Petit Verdot
93 points
A wonderful and rich table wine to impress your dinner guests.
Spangler 2021  Petit Verdot
91 points
Vibrant and beautifully aromatic, this is a delicious example of Petit Verdot shining in the spotlight.
Mira Winery 2021 Estate Petit Verdot
90 points
Mouth coating and lush, densely fruited, smooth and savory; a well executed single varietal Petit Verdot.
DH Lescombes 2017 Limited Release Petit Verdot
85 points
Interesting and food friendly, particularly with a mole or savory chocolate dessert.
Star In The Valley 2020  Petit Verdot
85 points
A rich and funky example that will appeal to lovers of rustic wines.
Palmaris 2016 Reserve Estate Petit Verdot
85 points
A big red bursting with black, blue and red fruits - great with a campfire and S'Mores.
Autumn Lake Winery 2021 Estate Petit Verdot
84 points
Savory and tart with a dark fruit backbone.