About Petit Verdot Red Wine

About Petit Verdot Red Wine
Petit Verdot is a red Bordeaux variety, one of five permitted in a Bordeaux classified wine. It is almost never seen as a stand-alone variety in this region, instead it is a blending component, used primarily to add color to the wine.

Top Picks for Petit Verdot

Jarvis 2015  Petit Verdot
96 points
A complex, sun-drenched Petit Verdot with world-class intensity and structure; a bold and beautiful red.
Awards: 2021 Best Red Wine
Corner 103 2018  Petit Verdot
95 points
A commanding, pure and instantly appealing Petite Verdot.
Spangler 2020  Petit Verdot
94 points
Rarely seen as a single varietal, this expression shows the rich floral, savory, and purple fruit tones that are great in a blend and more than good enough to be enjoyed independently.
Clovis Point 2019  Petit Verdot
92 points
A deep, nuanced wine that will benefit with a little time, but is drinking with old world oak tones even now.
Jarvis 2016 Estate Petit Verdot
89 points
An inky, fruity wine for rich steaks.
DH Lescombes 2013  Petit Verdot
87 points
A distinctively herbal, balanced and intriguing Petite Verdot that could pair quite well with Mediterranean cuisines.
Palmaris 2016 Reserve Petite Verdot
86 points
A chewy, high-acid red that will work well with rich meals.
DH Lescombes 2017 Limited Release Petit Verdot
85 points
Interesting and food friendly, particularly with a mole or savory chocolate dessert.
Star In The Valley 2020  Petit Verdot
85 points
A rich and funky example that will appeal to lovers of rustic wines.
Palmaris 2016 Reserve Estate Petit Verdot
85 points
A big red bursting with black, blue and red fruits - great with a campfire and S'Mores.