About Lemberger Red Wine

About Lemberger Red Wine
Lemberger is a varietal widely planted in Central Europe--particularly Austria, where it is known as blaufränkisch. The suffix "fränkisch" implies that the grape was originally of French origin; however, the varietal's true lineage is somewhat murky. Nonetheless, over the years, lemberger has become somewhat of a darling to a handful of vintners in Washington state, as it is quite winter-hardy and offers a measure of insurance against the state's periodic harsh winter conditions.

Top Picks for Lemberger

Knapp Winery 2020  Blaufrankisch
95 points
A captivating and exotic Blaufrankisch with a wonderful panoply of savory and spiciness.
Awards: 2022 New York Wine Classic - Best Lemberger-Blaufrankisch 2022 Best Lemberger/Blaufrankisch
Airy Acres Vineyard 2021  Lemberger
94 points
A super earthy and savory red that will be superb with rich fare, especially game.
Weis Vineyards 2020  Blaufrankisch
93 points
A beautifully balanced and nuanced Blaufrankisch that will be very versatile and cellar worthy.
Rooftop Reds NV Blau Nouveau Blaufrankisch
87 points
A juicy and scintillating red that will liven up a meal.
Vineyard View Winery NV  Blaufrankisch
87 points
An expressive, modern style of Blaufrankisch to appeal to fans of Rioja and Rombauer.