About Jamaican Spirits

About Jamaican Spirits
There are some very good lighter rums from Jamaica today, but the versions that get all the attention are those aged in whiskey or sherry barrels for anywhere from 10 to 21 years. Copper or golden colored with appealing flavors such as banana, roasted coconut and praline, these are smashing examples of rums with complexity and intensity as well as finesse and elegance. These are meant for sipping or for artisan cocktails. Inexpensive rums, such as spiced versions, are fine for use in most summer cocktails.

Top Picks for Jamaica

Rest & Be Thankful 23 Year Aged Longpond Single Cask #10245 Rum
97 points
Intensely, exquisitely full of flavor; if you like old and funky on George Clinton levels, this is the Rum you are looking for.
Bhakta Spirits Armagnac Cask Finished Jamaican Rum
96 points
Don't let the ABV fool you, this is as approachable and delightful as any high proof Rum can be; a classy spirit that will only continue to evolve from a little water.
Rest & Be Thankful 21 Year Aged Monymusk Single Cask #13916 Rum
96 points
Like distilled raspberry goat cheese with a caramel and apricot drizzle; an incredibly expressive Rum that is totally delicious.
Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum
96 points
Best Buy
A rich and flavorful overproof Rum that opens up beautifully with dilution.
96 points $25 Best Buy
96 points
A robust, spicy and caramelly rum with great intensity; drink in Technicolor.
Awards: 2021 Best Rum
94 points
A full-flavor, spicy rum that rewards the patient sipper; also delicious for rum centric cocktails.
Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve Rum
93 points
Complex layers of fruit flavors with some subtle earthy funk make up this benchmark, consumer friendly Jamaican Rum.
Myers’s Reserve Dark Rum
93 points
A very well made Rum for the back bar that is versatile and will play nicely in any standard Rum application.
93 points
A unique, character-rich rum that delivers caramelly, nutty flavors alongside unexpected funky vegetal notes; great balance, highly pleasurable, and plenty of charm.
Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum
89 points
Fruity, funky, savory and all around complex; would be good for a Daiquiri or a Rum based Manhattan.