About French Spirits

About French Spirits
As with wine, French spirits are world famous and of exceptional quality. The types of spirits and liqueurs produced in France reads like a what's what of these categories. There are Cognacs and Armagnacs hat are the most refined and compelling of all brandies. In addition, you have herb liqueurs, spice liqueurs, fruit-based liqueurs, as well as dry and sweet vermouth.

Eaux-de-vie, produced from wine grapes as well as fruit from Alsace, are among the best of their type found anywhere.

There are also gins produced in France and as of recently, vodka as well. Products such as these may not be as well known as those from other countries, but the fact that they are products of France helps give them instant respect.

Top Picks for France

Merlet Creme De Cassis de Saintonge Fruit Liqueur
98 points
Best Buy
An intense, complex and generous Creme de Cassis with bold, pure flavors; the go-to choice for Kir Royale, El Diablo and other classic cocktails.
98 points $23 Best Buy
Jean-Marc XO Vodka
97 points
This incredible Vodka has a lot going on with a delectable nose and a nice creamy mouth feel that gives way to a lightly fruity aftertaste.
Joseph Cartron Sureau Elderflower Liqueur
97 points
A delicious melange of florals, herbs and spices dance on the tongue in this begging-to-be-mixed liqueur.
Awards: 2021 Best Liqueur
Merlet Crème De Poire Williams Pear Liqueur
96 points
A vivid and pure orchard fruit liqueur with delicious length and balance.
Awards: 2021 Best Fruit Liqueur
Citadelle Gin
95 points
Best Buy
With some welcomed bonus citrus expressions this is an excellent Martini Gin, yet well crafted enough to sip alone.
95 points $25 Best Buy
Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal VSOP Cognac
95 points
Warm, spicy, and enticing; have with dessert and enjoy with abandon.
Awards: 2022 Best Cognac
Merlet Soeurs Cerises Cherry Liqueur
95 points
A bold berry liqueur with subtle chocolate nuances.
Merlet Creme De Framboise Liqueur
94 points
A lush and tasty sipper, and would make an incredible summer punch.
Awards: 2022 Best Fruit Liqueur
Rémy Martin Tercet VSOP Cognac
94 points
A smooth, flavorful, and utterly delicious Cognac to sip neat after dinner, that would also be great in cocktails, but is perfect on its own.
Rémy Martin XO Cognac
94 points
A snifter of this is something that would make any lover of fine spirits happy, and makes you feel like you raided Sir Winston Churchill's liquor cabinet.
Awards: 2022 Best XO Cognac