About Grenadian Spirits

About Grenadian Spirits
Grenada is a noted rum producing nation that produces a wide range of interesting rums and liqueurs, for sorrel flavored rum to spiced liqueurs to well aged rums that are sought after by merchant bottlers and blenders.

Top Picks for Grenada

River Antoine Sugar Cane Syrup Ancestral Sirop Batterie Rum
97 points
So complex, so tasty, and there is no way this doesn't make a spectacular Daiquiri that knocks you off your feet.
Renegade Rum Cuvée Dunfermline Aged Fresh Cane Juice Rum
94 points
The funky and fruity fresh cane is bright and flavorful with some dusty but tasty oak influence; a contemplative sipper to pair with a medium bodied spicy cigar.
Renegade Rum Cuvée Nova Aged Fresh Cane Juice Rum
93 points
Maintains the fresh cane and grassy notes balanced with baking spice and barrel char for a very layered and complex spirit for sipping or mixing.