About Polish Spirits

About Polish Spirits
There is documented evidence that vodka can be traced back to the early 1400s in Poland; today, vodka is as popular as ever in this country. Poland is known for its distinctive vodkas that are not flavorless, but quite unique, as several of them are distilled from potatoes or rye. Quality overall is very high; some are luxury vodkas that are are on the back bars of tope clubs and restaurants in London and Las Vegas, while other lesser-known examples are ideal for artisan cocktails; some of these are fruit-flavored, made with cherries or oranges.

Fruit-based liqueurs, known as Nalewki, made from apricots, cherries and other assorted fruits are among other popular spirits made in Poland.

Top Picks for Poland

Polugar No. 3 Caraway Vodka
96 points
A nuanced, distinctive, flavorful vodka that offers delicious new experiences.
Awards: 2022 Best Flavored Vodka
Hustle Vodka
91 points
An creamy, spicy, full-bodied vodka with a nice tingle that will cut through brilliantly in cocktails.
The Globe Proof and Wood 8 Year Old Bourbon and Rum Barrel Finished Rye Whiskey
89 points
Spicy, fruity, and nutty layers of flavor complexity without getting muddled and remaining very approachable despite the elevated ABV.