About Dutch Spirits

About Dutch Spirits
Gin and juniper-flavored spirits are an important part of the spirits industry of the Netherlands; Dutch soldiers in the 16th century were given genever to help them in their battles against opposing forces. The Dutch gins are very flavorful and elegant, often made with ingredients from countries as varied as Italy, Morocco and Indonesia. Genevers, produced long before the more commercial gins in the country, tend to be even spicier and more distinctive.

There are a few large distillers in the Netherlands that make fruit and nut liqueurs that are exported to many countries around the world. Flavored vodkas are also made here and exported; these are moderately priced vodkas for mixing.

Top Picks for Netherlands

Hooghoudt 23 Year Old Cask Strength Barrel-Aged Genever
97 points
Lovers of Navy Strength Gin and well aged cask strength Scotch unite; this is an amazing experience that you need to taste.
NOLET’S® Silver Dry Gin
94 points
Candied and floral, almost perfumed fruit-like in quality with an ethereal long finish of orange blossom and red berries.
Hooghoudt Raw Genever Holland Gin
94 points
Genever straight from the still and proofed down; a deliciously fascinating example in Gin education.
Hooghoudt 6 Year Oloroso Cask Barrel-Aged Genever
93 points
Pair this aged Genever with a cigar on a cool autumn night and ponder the layers of flavor complexity.
Nusa Caña Tropical Island White Rum
92 points
Best Buy
Soft and approachable while retaining both the fruity and sweet vegetable qualities of the sugar cane.
92 points $20 Best Buy
Hooghoudt 3 Year Bourbon Barrel Aged Genever
92 points
Best Buy
This caters to both Genever and Whiskey lovers and will mix well in cocktails.
92 points $25 Best Buy
Hooghoudt 5 Year Barrel Aged Genever
92 points
A Genever for a Whiskey drinker; dark and complex with loads of woody spice.
Van Gogh Vodka
90 points
Purity, vibrance and length make this a highly recommended vodka.
Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka
90 points
A sweet, rounded coffee-flavored vodka; combine this with a splash of cream liqueur for a decadent after dinner cocktail.
Hooghoudt 3 Year Barrel Aged Peated Genever
89 points
Lovable but unique; a great Gin substitute for the person that likes citrusy, smoky Single Malts.