About Venezuelan Spirits

About Venezuelan Spirits
Rum is a critically important spirit in Venezuela, so much so that under law, Venezuelan rum must be aged a minimum of two years. As with most other South American countries, there are various types of rum from Venezuela, while (blanco) as well as gold along with some that are aged for five years or more. While some are meant for cocktails or as an ingredient in a punch, many are very high quality sipping rums.

Top Picks for Venezuela

359 Spirit Purveyors Rhumb Runner Limited Release 16 Year Aged Single Cask Strength Venezuelan Cadc Sa Rum
96 points
A rich and flavor-packed, long-aged overproof Rum with gusto.
Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum
93 points
Nice fruit and spice flavors abound, with a slight bite that will make this shine in cocktail applications.
Santa Teresa 1796 Rum
87 points
Rich spices and sweets play on the palate in this crowd-pleasing aged rum.