About Panamanian Spirits

About Panamanian Spirits
The leading spirit in Panama, as one might imagine, is rum. While there are entry level examples made here - including some fruit and honey-flavored versions - there are also some outstanding examples, some aged for fifteen years or longer. Displaying flavors of caramel and praline, these are fabulous sipping rums.

There are also rum liqueurs made in Panama as well as numerous examples of excellent aguardiente.

Top Picks for Panama

Ron Malteco 11 Anos Overproof Rum
95 points
A superb overproof/cask strength Rum with a great balance of pristine fruit, spice, and wood flavors wrapped in a long, warming, and comforting finish.
Panama-Pacific 9 Year Aged Rum
94 points
Sweet, savory, earthy, and spicy this is an easy drinking Rum that hides its ABV very well and has layer upon layer of nuanced flavors.
Pedro Mandinga Raspadura Caramelized Cane Juice Silver Rum
93 points
Best Buy
A lithe and refreshing white Rum that will make a beautiful Daiquiri or Mojito.
93 points $25 Best Buy
Pedro Mandinga Cacao Liqueur
92 points
A very pleasing dark roast cocoa flavor; mix into an Espresso Martini.
Pedro Mandinga Geisha Coffee Rum
91 points
Tastes like Rum and tastes like coffee without being overly sweet; use in a White Russian.
Bumbu Crème Liqueur
89 points
A festive spiced cream liqueur that beckons you to another sip.
89 points $34.99
9north 8 Year Old Añoso 8 Rum
88 points
Fruity with nice spice and restrained alcohol burn for the proof; a little sweet and a little spicy way to end the day... or start it.
Bumbu XO Rum
88 points
A spicy Rum perfect for sipping but perhaps even more enticing in classic cocktails.
88 points $39.99
The Demon’s Share La Recompensa del Tiempo-12 Year Old Rum
88 points
A tasty, unctuous Rum packed with palate-pleasing flavors.
9north 4 Year Old Carta Blanca White Rum
87 points
A lovely white Rum loaded with tropical aromas that seems ideal for a Daiquiri.