About Norwegan Spirits

About Norwegan Spirits
As befitting a proud Scandinavian country, akavit (or aquavit) is the national spirit of Norway. Akavit in this country is distilled from grain or potatoes and then flavored with herbs and spices, the most common of which are caraway, cumin and anise. Akavit has a slightly yellowish hue, although some have caramel added for coloring purposes, while others acquire a golden or amber color via oak cask aging.

Dating back to 16th century traditions in Norway, akavit is served for holidays meals at Christmas and Easter.

Top Picks for Norway

Taptails Nordic Mule
95 points
A warming, pleasingly spiced ginger ale to liven up the long, dark winter.
Taptails Mango Chili Daiquiri
94 points
A lightly spicy mango juice to super charge your Sunday brunch.
Taptails Rhubarb Collins
91 points
A complex and fruity sipper that tastes like a warm spring day.
Taptails Orange Spritz
87 points
An orange soda with a touch of bitterness that should appeal to a Negroni drinker.