About Guatamalan Spirits

About Guatamalan Spirits
Alcoholic spirits in this Central American country are focused on the production of rum and aguardiente. There are various quality and price levels, with the aged añejo rums being the finest, offering notes of roasted nuts, cola and tropical spice. These are fine for mixing, but should be appreciated as sipping rums.

Top Picks for Guatemala

Ron Botran No.18 Reserva De La Familia Rum
94 points
A soft, peppery Rum with nice coffee notes for toddies and bourbon cocktails.
Ron Zacapa Solera Gran Reserva XO Especial Rum
93 points
Complex and sweet with a nice savoriness on the palate; dessert in a glass with enough heft for cigar pairings.
Ron Zacapa Solera Gran Reserva Edición Negra Rum
93 points
A silky, appetizing aged Rum with great versatility.
93 points $75.99
Ron Zacapa Solera Gran Reserva No. 23 Rum
92 points
A rich and decadent sipper to pair with a cigar or enjoy with a dark chocolate and fruit accented dessert.
Xibal Artisanal Gin
92 points
A beautifully complex, floral, and satisfying Gin for Spring and Summer cocktail applications.
Xibal Equinox Gin
92 points
A pretty application of adding an additional flavor to Gin without losing its essence.
Coconut Cartel Anejo Rum With Coconut Water
87 points
A barrel-aged coconut cocktail poured right into your glass.
Ron Botran No.15 Gran Reserva Especial Rum
87 points
A good sipping or mixing Rum with a nice balance of fruit, spices, vanilla, and nuts.