About Dominican Spirits

About Dominican Spirits
The sprit industry in the Dominican Republic centers around rum; given the importance of sugar can in the nation's economy, this is a natural. There are numerous styles, from extra dry, which is clear, aged for two to five years in oak casks to riserva, that are aged for a few years more, usually in sherry casks, which imparts a tawny or amber color. A few of these older rums are aged for 25-30 years.

Dominican rum has tantalizing flavors of roasted nuts, toffee, honeycomb, coffee and praline. The offer excellent complexity, with the younger offerings displaying fruit overtones, while the older examples display a long, elegant finish with dried leaf and tobacco notes. These are voluptuous rums.

Top Picks for Dominican Republic

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 Year Aged Rum
95 points
A round and poised very-long-aged Rum with lovely integration of fruity cane and spicy barrel flavors; this is an easy choice for a fine sipping Rum.
Barceló Imperial Rum
95 points
A nice spicy and sweet well-balanced Rum destined to make a great daiquiri.
Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur
94 points
With a harmonious balance of sweet fruit and bright acidity, this liqueur would make an excellent addition to a Daiquiri — frozen or shaken.
E. Leon Jimenes 2019 La Aurora 110 Aniversario Rum
94 points
Sweet, spicy, and savory, with rich and complex layers of flavor; this is an excellent pairing with a premium cigar.
Barcelo Gran Añejo Aged Rum
93 points
Best Buy
A bit restrained on the nose but lovely layers of caramel sweetness play on the palate and linger on the finish.
93 points $19.99 Best Buy
Bacoo 11 Year Old Tequila Cask-Finished Aged Fresh Cane Juice Rum Batch No. 01
92 points
A vibrant and flavorful sipper with great depth and a touch of heat to the finish.
Barcelo Imperial Rare Blends Maple Cask-Finished Aged Rum
92 points
A creamy delight that begs to mixed with something hot.
Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Year Aged Rum
91 points
A dry, light and gentle long-aged Rum for sipping and whisky cocktails.
Kiss Detroit Rock Rum
91 points
An estery, character-rich rum that tingles on the tongue with complex spice, fruit and funk notes.
Barcelo Imperial Rum
90 points
Sweet, warm and earthy, with a nice fruit and spice character; good for sipping or a nice companion for a Cuba Libre.