About Peruvian Spirits

About Peruvian Spirits
Pico is the signature spirit of Peru; a brandy distilled from wine grapes, it is categorized as an aguardiente. More than seven million liters is produced annually in the country.

It is distilled in copper pot stills, as in the method of single malt Scotch. Several types of grapes can be used to produce pisco; for the aromatic type (aromatica), the Muscat grape is used, while the acholado version is made from the must of several grapes.

Pure pisco, made from the Quebranta grape, is generally sipped neat, while other versions are generally used as the base for the famed Pisco sour cocktail; a few examples can also be used as a digestif. Pisco is exported in many markets, including the US; prices run from $20 up to $40 a bottle.

There are also a few premium rums produced in Peru as well; some are aged as long as 18 years and are of exceptional quality, with notes of coconut, baking spices and herbs.

Top Picks for Peru

Suyo Single Origin No. 2 Italia Pisco Brandy
95 points
Bold yet delicate with fruity and floral layers of complexity that keep changing in the glass; a contemplative sipper.
Awards: 2022 Best Pisco
Suyo Single Origin No. 1 Quebranta Pisco Brandy
93 points
Beautiful, gentle, and inviting with fruit, sweetness, and subtle earthiness.
Pisco Logia Pisco Puro Quebranta
93 points
Bold yet inviting, and probably fantastic in cocktails; this Pisco has amazing aromatics with bold fruits, refreshing citrus, and bright herbal tones.
Don Michael Andean Black Corn Whiskey
91 points
With dark roasted corn notes, mocha and molasses tones, this Whiskey is dark, brooding, and complex.
Awards: 2022 Best Corn Whiskey
Pisco Logia Pisco Acholado
89 points
Tropical and citrus forward, this is a thoughtful sipper that will hold up to cocktails.
Suyo Single Origin No. 1 Quebranta Pisco Brandy
88 points
Delicate with subtle aromatics, reminiscent of a walk through the forest after a summer rain and smelling fallen fruits on the wet grass.
Suyo Single-Origin Pisco
85 points
A silky smooth pisco for effortless cocktails.