About Cask-Finished Bourbon Whiskey

About Cask-Finished Bourbon Whiskey
A Cask-Finished Bourbon Whiskey will undergo additional maturation in one or more barrels, the previous contents of which contribute to the aromas and flavors of the final product. Examples include but are not limited to used Rum, Cognac, Port, Sherry, Madeira, Stout, and maple barrels.

Bourbon Whisky must contain a minimum of 51% corn, be produced in the United States, be distilled at less than 80% ABV (160 proof) and be aged in new charred oak barrels; 'straight' bourbon must be aged for a minimum of two years, although in practice virtually all straight whiskies are aged at least four years. Any bourbon, or any other domestic or imported whiskey, for that matter, that has been aged less than four years must contain an age statement on the label. Small Batch Bourbons are bourbons that bottled from a small group of specially selected barrels that are blended together. It should be noted though that each distiller has their own interpretation of what constitutes a "small batch." Single Barrel Bourbon is bourbon from one specifically chosen cask.

Top Picks for Cask-Finished Bourbon Whiskey

Bhakta Spirits Armagnac Cask-Finished Bourbon Whiskey
93 points
Beautiful and very interesting nose complimented by a complex palate of similarly diverse flavors.
Mashbuild Tawny Port Barrel-Finished Bourbon Whiskey, Bottle B4-190
92 points
Pronounced red fruit on the nose and palate with a back drop of sweet grains, like liquified oatmeal raisin cookies.
Wheat Penny 1958 Worlds Fair Edition Cask-Finished Bourbon Whiskey
86 points
A tasty and appealing Bourbon for everyday pleasure.