Tulum Valley
The Tulum Valley is the historic heart of the Argentine wine region of San Juan. The vineyards surround the city of San Juan itself and lie on the flanks of the Andes at an average elevation of 2,000 feet. The San Juan river winds through the valley and has provided the region with rich, alluvial soils. This, in combination with a semi-arid climate that features more than 300 days a year of sunshine made the region a work-horse of sorts, if not always known for premium wines.

In some ways, the region can be compared to Australia's Barossa Valley, and not coincidentally has begun to garner a reputation for rich, full, peppery Syrah. As with the Pedernal Valley well to the south, Graffigna and Trapiche, in the form of Finca Las Moras, are pioneering quality driven higher-end wines. (Wine/Appellations)