Tokaj Aszu
Tokaji Aszu is one of the classic dessert wines of the world. The Tokay (or Tokaj) of Hungary is the result of Hungarian grape varieties growing in the specific region between the Bodrog and Hernad rivers, being infected each year at the proper time and in the proper way by Botrytis noble rot, then being harvested and fermented in the traditional way. The production process is unique in that the stomped botrycized grapes are soaked in fermenting wine or wine that has recently completed fermentation, and only then racked into casks. The casks are not tightly closed, creating an oxidative environment for the maturing wine. The results after several years of aging are a sweet, honeyed, balanced treasure of a wine fit for royalty.

The even rarer Tokaji Eszencia is much sweeter, so sweet that it typically cannot ferment past 5-8 per cent alcohol by volume. The production process works in tandem with Tokaji Aszu. Botrytis afflicted grapes are picked and gathered into a vessel in preparation for the Aszu process. The weight of these berries on top of each other presses some of the juice. This accumulated juice is destined to become the syrupy elixir that is Tokaji Essenccia that is said to have "supernatural concentration" and "a quintessence of the grape". (Wine/Appellations)