Toscana Igt
Toscana IGT refers to wines not covered by the various DOC, DOCG or other IGT designations in the region of Tuscany. A producer may wish to label his red, white, rosé or frizzante wine from Tuscany as a Toscana IGT, although this designation does not carry as much weight as a specific DOC or DOCG labeling, as those wines are much more specific as to where the grapes were grown. Thus a Toscana IGT has only a vague meaning, being a wine from Tuscany; it could be quite simple or it could be rather complex.

Most versions are red and are made from Sangiovese; some are unoaked, while many receive oak aging. The principal red variety would be Sangiovese, the region’s most famous and widely planted variety. Wines made from Sangiovese offer red cherry fruit with red floral perfumes, good acidity and moderate tannins; lighter versions, ready to drink upon release, pair well with tomato-based soups and lighter pastas, while the more full-bodied examples work well with roasts, game and aged cheeses. (Wine/Appellations)