About Russian Spirits

About Russian Spirits
Spirits are an important part of the Russian lifestyle as per capita consumption is very high; a 2011 report documented that Russia is fourth in this category for spirits in the world.

Of course, it is vodka that is Russia's most famous spirit; dating back to the 14th century, Russian vodka is one of the textbook styles of this spirit. Distilled from wheat and rye, Russian vodka is ultra clean and rather neutral - but super smooth - thanks to filtering through carbon and quartz sand.

In Russia, vodka is served neat for the heads of state as well as the common worker or farmer. In many other countries, it is used in cocktails. Either way, Russian vodka remains a model and is one of the world's best selling spirits.

Top Picks for Russia

Barrister Dry Gin
94 points
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A refreshing delicious and citrus-and-herb-forward gin that will be great in a Collin or long drinks.
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Russian Standard Vodka
93 points
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A superbly balanced, subtle and elegant, neutral vodka that will excel in any application.
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Onegin Vodka
92 points
A rich, round pure vodka.
Mamont Siberian Vodka
91 points
A clean and proudly neutral vodka that offers a pure sipping experience or the perfect canvas for cocktail creation.
Barrister Organic Gin
89 points
A smooth, polished, gin for sipping and egg white cocktails.
Barrister Orange Gin
84 points
A fun, fruit forward orange gin for vodka fans.