Western Australia
Western Australia is Australia's largest state, covering the entire western third of the continent. It is sparsely populated, and the remote interior and north is simply too hot for viticulture. All of the wine regions are clustered around the cooler southwestern corner of the state, in proximity to Perth.

Vineyards here are cooled by the Indian Ocean to the west and the Antarctic Ocean to the south. The climate shares more in common with Bordeaux than it does with the warmer regions of eastern Australia, and as a result, it has become a go-to for world class and age-worthy Cabernet, particularly from the Margaret River.

Though vineyards have been planted in the Swan Valley near Perth for some time, most of the industry is fairly new and growing rapidly. Following the initial success of Margaret River, plantings have increased rapidly and Western Australia's wine output has doubled in the last 20 years! (Wine/Appellations)