Frankland River
Frankland River is an up-and-coming region in the southwest corner of Western Australia. It lies roughly 200 miles south of Perth and 100 miles east of the Indian Ocean and Margaret River. The region lies 50 miles inland from the Great Southern Ocean, whose constant breezes cool the vineyards and make for a Mediterranean climate. This effect is emphasized by modest elevation as most vineyards are planted 500 to 1,000 feet above sea level.

The region has earned a reputation for producing fresh, crisp, dry Rieslings that rank with those of the Clare and Eden Valleys as some of the nation's finest. Unusually minerally soils are thought to contribute to the success with the varietal. In addition to Riesling, Frankland produces distinctly peppery Shiraz and local producers tend to use less oak than producers in Eastern Australia, creating a more northern Rhone-like regional style. (Wine/Appellations)