Etna Rosso
The Etna wine district, located in northeastern Sicily,is of course, named for Mount Etna, the famous volcano that dominates this area. As you might imagine, the soils here are volcanic, giving the wines a vibrant minerality. Etna Rosso wines are made primarily with a local variety known as Nerello Mascalese, (80% minimum), while Nerello Cappuccio is the other major red variety (as much as 20% of an Etna Rosso).

While these wines have a rugged quality to them, there are a few dozen small producers in Etna that have specialized in crafting examples of Etna Rosso that are world class. The greatest compliment that these wines have received is that they are Burgundian in style; indeed Etna has been called "the Burgundy of Italy." The top wines, from small vineyards, some 800-1000 feet above Mount Etna, from vines that are often more than 100 years old, are multilayered and quite rich, yet offer a sensual elegance, with very fine tannins. These wines should be able to age for two decades or more; they are limited production offerings and retail in the $60-$75 price range and up. (Wine/Appellations)