Est! Est! Est!
Est! Est! Est! is the most famous white wine of Montefiascone, Italy. It got its name from the story of a German Bishop who sent his servant ahead to taste the wines along his route of travel, leaving messages on the walls of inns and taverns to tell his master whether he should drink the wine or avoid it. "Est" (it is) meant the wine was good, while "Non est" (it isn't) told the Bishop to move on. It is clear that the servant saw considerable virtue in the wines of Montefiascone, as indicated by his "Est! Est! Est!!! scrawled on the wall.

Today's Est! Est! Est! is based on Trebbiana and Mavasia bianca. They are typically dry but can be made in a sweeter style. The wines are mildly aromatic and are classically paired with fritto misto or deep-fried artichokes. (Wine/Appellations)