Oporto is a wine appellation named for the eponymous city on the western border of Portugal, along the Atlantic Ocean. Wine lovers around the world know the name for the famous Port wines produced from local vineyards.

Port is a fortified wine, where alcohol is added to increase total percentage from 18% to 20%. Varieties used here include Tinta Nacional and Tinta Roriz. Numerous styles are produced, from vintage ports – from a single year – to tawny ports – the name derived from its tawny, brownish color- aged for ten, twenty or even forty years or longer.

Given the high alcoholic percentage, Ports can be enjoyed for decades; the vintage ports, not aged in wood, so as to prevent oxidation, are prime examples, as the finest offerings are ideal after 40 or 50 years. These are best enjoyed on their own or with a strong blue cheese. Because of the uniqueness of these wines, prices are expensive, with numerous vintage ports retailing for more than $100 a bottle. (Wine/Appellations)