Hungary, a landlocked country, is located between several countries, including Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It is among the top 15 wine producing countries in the world. Interestingly, it is well known for two very different wines types: Bulls' Blood of Eger and the remarkable sweet Tokaj (Tokaji) wines. There are a total of 22 wine regions in the country; the climate is largely continental, with some moderation coming from a few of the country's lakes. Varieties are primarily local, including Furmint and Harslevelu, used in the production of Tokaj; red grapes include Lemberger, Portuguiser, Zweigelt and a bit of Merlot.

As far as the most famous wines, Bull's Blood, or more formally, Egri Bikaver, originates from Eger in the northeastern reaches of the country. The wine is made from several red varieties, including Kekfrankos and Kadarka. This became a very popular export in the US and other countries in the 1970s and '80s for its spicy character, ripe black fruit and moderate price. As for Tokaj, this is one of the world's most unique and spectacular dessert wines. There are several version made, all botrytis-affected; the difference is in the residual sugar. The rarest is Eszencia, which has about 800g/l of residual sugar (about 80 %) and only 5% alcohol. It is extremely rare and expensive, more like butter than wine. There are also dry Tokaji wines made, although they do not receive the attention of the sweeter wines. (Wine/Appellations)