Happy Canyon Of Santa Barbara
Happy Canyon is one of the newest wine regions in Santa Barbara with vineyards only planted as of the 1990s and the first vintage harvested in 2001. It was awarded AVA status in 2009. Around 500 acres are currently under vine with Star Lane Vineyard, Vogelzang, and Happy Canyon Vineyards being among the more prominent bottlers of Happy Canyon fruit.

Located at the far eastern edge of the Santa Ynez Valley, Happy Canyon delves into the San Rafael Mountains just northwest of Lake Cachuma. Its inland position means a significantly warmer climate than the wider Santa Ynez Valley and that ensures complete maturation for later ripening varieties. The rolling terrain, high slopes and varied soils of this region are best suited for growing Bordeaux varieties; creating rich, concentrated wines. Syrah and other Rhône varieties also appear to flourish here. (Wine/Appellations)