About Flavored Mezcal

About Flavored Mezcal
A Flavored Mezcal is an agave-based distillate produced in Mexico from any of 18 varieties of Maguey Agave and has a palate profile has been altered by the infusion of fruits, herbs, or spices. Pechuga Mezcal also falls under this category as a finished Mezcal that is redistilled with those local fruits, grains and nuts with a raw chicken breast hanging over the still, cooking in the vapors that emanate from it, allowing those to infuse into the Mezcal as well.

Top Picks for Flavored Mezcal

Peloton de la Muerte Vegan Pechuga Mezcal
96 points
A joyous, extroverted Mezcal with juicy fruit aromas, fresh green vegetal notes, and delicate hints of fragrant blossoms; an exceptionally balanced Mezcal for elegant cocktails and thoughtful sipping.
96 points $44.99
Montelobos Pechuga Blanco Mezcal
91 points
Best Buy
A dry, spicy and assertive Mezcal perfect for summer cocktails.
91 points $0 Best Buy
GEM & BOLT Damiana Infused Mezcal
87 points
An herbaceous and distinctive Mezcal for hot toddies, creative stirred cocktails and bonding sips.