About Flavored Mezcal

About Flavored Mezcal
A Flavored Mezcal is an agave-based distillate produced in Mexico from any of 18 varieties of Maguey Agave and has a palate profile has been altered by the infusion of fruits, herbs, or spices. Pechuga Mezcal also falls under this category as a finished Mezcal that is redistilled with those local fruits, grains and nuts with a raw chicken breast hanging over the still, cooking in the vapors that emanate from it, allowing those to infuse into the Mezcal as well.

Top Picks for Flavored Mezcal

GEM & BOLT Damiana Infused Mezcal
87 points
An herbaceous and distinctive Mezcal for hot toddies, creative stirred cocktails and bonding sips.