About Anejo Mezcal

About Anejo Mezcal
Añejo (literally "old") Mezcal has been aged for a legal minimum of twelve months in barrels. The finest examples however are usually aged from three to five years. Añejo mezcal can be either light, with a golden straw color or have an amber or golden yellow appearance.

The aging in barrels gives añejo mezcals flavors of roasted nuts, grilled fruits, pepper and tobacco. There is often a sublte smoky minerality in the finish; serve these neat in a crystal copita with cigars.

Mezcal is often confused with tequila, as both are made from agave. But while tequila must be made from one specific blue agave, mezcal can be produced from eighteen different types of agave (maguey). There are two types of mezcal, those made exclusively from maguey and those made from at least 80% maguey mixed with other ingredients. Mezcal has similar aging terms as tequila, such as reposado and añejo, but generally mezcal is more of an artisanal product, so examples of mezcal vary more than tequila.

Most are double-distilled, while some are triple-distilled and then aged for several years in oak barrels. Flavors range from smoked herbs and pepper to tobacco and charred fruits.

Top Picks for Anejo Mezcal

400 Conejos Mezcal Joven Artesenal Añejo
94 points
A well made product to be sure with the vibrant agave flavor present while the vanilla and caramel notes from the barrel tone down the intensity of the smoke but very much leave it in place.
Xicala Anejo Mezcal
94 points
A gently smoky Añejo Mezcal with very appealing creamy, fruity agave; this will appeal to sipping rum drinkers as well as agave aficionados.
94 points $59.99
Se Busca Añejo Mezcal Artesanal
90 points
Cinnamon dusted elote with a caramel chocolate drizzle; yum.
Zignum Espadin Añejo Mezcal
88 points
An oak-forward Añejo Tequila with notes of vanilla that will appeal to Rum fans as well.
Creyente Azul Cristalino Añejo Mezcal
84 points
A wild flavor for the friends that don't like traditional Mezcal.