About Blanco Mezcal

About Blanco Mezcal
Blanco mezcal is a spirit from Mexico that can be made from as many as 18 different types of the agave plant, some cultivated and some wild. Most are produced in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. A blanco mezcal is distilled in a copper still (sometimes double distilled) and is not aged in oak, thus preserving a clear appearance.

Mezcal is often confused with tequila, as both are made from agave. But while tequila must be made from one specific blue agave, mezcal can be produced from eighteen different types of agave (maguey). There are two types of mezcal, those made exclusively from maguey and those made from at least 80% maguey mixed with other ingredients. Mezcal has similar aging terms as tequila, such as reposado and añejo, but generally mezcal is more of an artisanal product, so examples of mezcal vary more than tequila.

Most are double-distilled, while some are triple-distilled and then aged for several years in oak barrels. Flavors range from smoked herbs and pepper to tobacco and charred fruits. Serve these on their own, in an adventuresome cocktail, or with a cigar.

Top Picks for Blanco Mezcal

Del Maguey San Pablo Ameyaltepec Single Village Blanco Mezcal
98 points
An amazingly elegant and decadent Mezcal whose flavor and finesse may leave you speechless.
Awards: 2022 Best Blanco Mezcal
Mezcal Vago Mezcal Espadin Joel Barriga
97 points
An outstanding example of a Blanco Mezcal; it hits all the right herbaceous, savory, and sweet notes in harmony.
Mezcal de Leyendas Verde San Luis Potosi Mezcal
97 points
A sweet, savory, salty, juicy display of complexity and finesse; enjoy this Blanco Mezcal liberally.
Awards: 2021 Best Mezcal
97 points $49.99
Lobos 1707 Blanco Mezcal Artesenal
96 points
An delightfully rich, complex Mezcal for all manner of occasions.
Salvadores 70 400 2020 Artesanal Espadín Joven Mezcal
96 points
A complex and interesting Mezcal with a wonderful balance of spice, smoke, and sweet that keeps you coming back to the glass.
400 Conejos Mezcal Joven Artesanal
95 points
A savory and umami Mezcal that stands out from the crowd and becomes more enjoyable with each sip.
Del Maguey Vida Blanco Mezcal
95 points
A fruity, funky, and savory Mezcal full of delightful flavors and aromas that keep you coming back.
Montelobos Espadín Joven Mezcal
95 points
A sweet, savory, and funky fun Mezcal that will surprise and delight your palette with every sip.
Creyente Mezcal Artesanal Joven
95 points
A very bold, funky Mezcal that will be greatly enjoyed whether sipped or in mixed cocktails.
Mezcal Vago Mezcal Elote
95 points
An intense, complex Mezcal that combines delightful flavors of spice and fruit.