About Cristalino Tequila

About Cristalino Tequila
Cristalino tequilas are barrel-aged tequilas, usually añejos, that have been stripped of color. They tend to have rounder, more creamy aromas and flavors than blancos and also softer acidity and agave notes. They are designed for sipping.

Top Picks for Cristalino Tequila

Avión Reserva Cristalino Añejo Tequila
94 points
Agave-forward character that is pleasantly tempered by its barrel influence; sip over ice while enjoying light, leafy dishes.
Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila
94 points
An extremely smooth expression of Cristalino Tequila with lovely fruity, rounded notes.
Awards: 2022 Best Cristalino Tequila
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino Reposado Tequila
93 points
Very pretty, with tons of agave character and hints of barrel still lingering around but just enough to elevate rather than distract.
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado Cristalino Tequila
93 points
Whether sipped on its own or in a mixed shot, this fruity, supple cristalino will amp up the good times.
Gran Centenario Cristalino Tequila Añejo
91 points
An approachable Cristalino for new drinkers of the style; light, sweet, and well made.
Rodeo De Las Aguas Cristalino Añejo Tequila Batch 01
91 points
Turn up with the Añejo that you want to sip at the club.
1800 Cristalino Tequila Añejo
90 points
Complex in its simplicity; a fine example of the category.
Caralegre Cristalino Reposado Tequila
89 points
Fascinating aromas and flavors of mallow root and sweet anise that will make for an excellent digestif.
El Tequileño Cristalino Reposado
89 points
Sweet and spicy barrel characteristics balanced with fruity and floral notes; this is a benchmark on how a barrel is supposed to compliment the agave base.
Enemigo 89 Añejo Cristalino Tequila
88 points
A smooth, approachable palate pleaser of a cristalino that would pair well with fruit.