About Agave Spirit

About Agave Spirit
Agave spirit refers to a spirit made from one of the numerous varieties of agave plants outside the Mexican denominations of Tequila, Mezcal, Sotol, Bacanora and Raicilla. While most of the products are produced in Mexico from locally grown agave there are also examples made from agave grown in the southwestern United States and even the nation of Venezuela. Specific categories include Sikua from the Mexican state of Michoacan and Cocuy from Venezuela.

These sprits are usually clear, unless aged in oak, which gives them a golden color. Flavor profiles range from sweet potatoes and roasted pepper to herbs and smoky minerals; often there is a peppery finish. They are meant to be sipped as an aperitif, in cocktails, or served with spicy Mexican and Latin cuisine.

Top Picks for Agave Spirit

Santo Mezquila
94 points
Delicious and fun, this is a great bridge between Tequila but before getting into full blown esoteric Mezcal.
94 points $59.99
Shelter Distilling Ranchito Bendito Agave Americana
93 points
Somewhere between Tequila and Mezcal with an interesting grilled cherry quality; over delivers for an agave outside of Mexico.
Ventura Spirits Blanco Yolo Agave Spirit Batch No. 1
89 points
Fruity and minty, quite fascinating and strangely delicious albeit atypical.
Western Reserve Distillers Organic Blanco Agave Spirit
88 points
Herbal, grassy and full of life, this brings an earthy honesty to the table.
Ghost Coast Tommy Agave Spirit
87 points
A delicate and somewhat floral Agave spirit for distinctive sipping.
Ventura Spirits Barrel Rested Yolo Agave Spirit Batch No. 2
86 points
Complex and interesting; keeps coming back with new and unique flavors but always inviting.
Santo Cuviso Bacanora Blanco
85 points
A complex and interesting agave spirit that has many cocktail applications.
Wiggly Bridge Distillery Agave Spirit
85 points
A mild and fruity Agave Spirit for light and citrusy cocktails.
Storm King Distilling Co. Agave Especial
84 points
Orange, honey, and oak spices in a mix that is pleasant in some ways.
Western Reserve Distillers Organic Reposado Agave Spirit
84 points
A creamy spirit with sweet oak flavors.