About Reposado Mezcal

About Reposado Mezcal
Reposado mezcal is mezcal that is aged up to one year in an oak barrel, usually an ex-bourbon barrel. This is less time aging than an añejo mezcal (one to three years of aging) or extra añejos (three years or more). While these examples do not have the finesse of an añejo mezcal, these are a step or two up in refinement and smoothness from a blanco mezcal and can be served neat or in a cocktail.

Mezcal is often confused with tequila, as both are made from agave. But while tequila must be made from one specific blue agave, mezcal can be produced from eighteen different types of agave (maguey). There are two types of mezcal, those made exclusively from maguey and those made from at least 80% maguey mixed with other ingredients. Mezcal has similar aging terms as tequila, such as reposado and añejo, but generally mezcal is more of an artisanal product, so examples of mezcal vary more than tequila.

Most are double-distilled, while some are triple-distilled and then aged for several years in oak barrels. Flavors range from smoked herbs and pepper to tobacco and charred fruits.

Top Picks for Reposado Mezcal

Ojo De Tigre Reposado Mezcal
94 points
Proper agave notes and good use of mild barrel flavors shine.
Xicala Mezcal Reposado Lot XR-001
93 points
A nicely balanced Reposado Mezcal with a gentle, creamy, sweet agave character.
93 points $49.99
400 Conejos Mezcal Joven Artesenal Reposado
92 points
The oak softens but doesn't dominate here, making this a fantastic entry into the category for Tequila lovers.
Contraluz Cristalino Mezcal Artesanal
92 points
Layers of complexity and savory, fruity, deliciousness yet delightfully subtle hints of smokiness.
Contraluz Cristalino Mezcal Artesenal
90 points
A savory nose is followed by sweeter, creamier flavors on the palate.
Zignum Reposado Mezcal
90 points
A rich, delicious Mezcal for sipping with friends.
Se Busca Reposado Mezcal Artesanal
89 points
Like a very dark chocolate cinnamon agave mole sauce.