Spain's Jumilla DO, is located in the far southwest, near the Mediterranean. Interestingly, the phylloxera devastation which destroyed so many vineyards throughout Spain in the early 20th century, did not hit Jumilla until 1989, meaning that only in the last few years has viticulture returned to normal due to massive replanting. Thankfully, there are some vineyards that did not need replanting, as these have sandy soils, which is not susceptible to phylloxera. Yields in the soils are quite low, but as Jumilla is not well known, prices remain reasonable.

The leading variety here is Monastrell, known elsewhere as Mourvedre; this is followed by Garnacha, Tempranillo, a few whites such as Airen and Malvasia and then a few Bordeaux varieties; in total there are 70,000 acres planted, with most vineyards at an elevation between 1750 to over 2600 feet. Some of the best wines from Jumilla are the rosados produced from Monastrell. The red wines that are imported are primarily made from Monastrell and have a ripe, spicy peppery character to them; they are often good values. (Wine/Appellations)