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Tastings Panelist - Patrick Berger
Patrick Berger
Paddy Long’s Chicago
Patrick started his career in the beverage/hospitality industry over 25 years ago as a dishwasher, at the age of 14. Since then, he has risen through the ranks and is credited for transforming Paddy Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub from a little dive bar to one that draws people from all over the world. “I like to throw a party every night and see my guests enjoying themselves,” he says. “It’s all about hospitality.”

For over 5 years, Patrick has served as a panelist with BTI/Tastings.com, specializing in beer. “I feel it’s my job to taste bad beer so others don’t have to,” he says. Luckily for him, he has encountered many surprising and enjoyable beers while serving on the blind panels—the most memorable among them being a tripel from a small brewpub in Michigan that he could have sworn came straight from Belgium. Patrick believes the strength of BTI/Tastings.com’s methodology is the ability for judges to focus on the liquid itself, without getting caught up in strict style guidelines or marketing techniques.

Patrick’s current and upcoming projects include the recent opening on his new restaurant, Kaiser Tiger, and the release of a beer travel show called City Beer Guide.\
For more about Patrick follow him on Twitter @patpaddylongs or visit his website at www.paddylongs.com.