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Tastings Panelist - Carlos Cuarta
Carlos Cuarta
High Proof Chicago
Barman - Mixologist
Carlos Enrique Cuarta is a native of Venezuela. His enthusiasm for life, and his inexhaustible curiosity are an example to many people he has touched in his career as one of Chicago's finest bartenders. Although Carlos has never worked at a Chicago bar establishment, he has tirelessly pushed the limits as a bartender for many spirit brands, private clients, and catering companies.

Over the years, during his involvement in the USBG Illinois Chapter, Carlos has been extremely active in supporting his fellow bartenders and mentor, Bridget Albert, at the Academy of Spirits, various charitable organizations, and also mentoring and financially assisting other Latino bartenders in pursuing the craft of bartending. At home he is constantly working on various infusions, syrups, cordials and recipes for his own pleasure, but also in preparation for the many projects and competitions he has committed himself to.

Carlos has dedicated his life to raising up the bartending craft and at no expense to his lust for life. In fact, they are one in the same. As Carlos says, “Always be sipping”
For more about Carlos follow him on Twitter @ccuarta .