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Tastings Panelist - Monique Huston
Monique Huston
VP of Wholesale Spirits Portfolio
Monique entered the beverage/hospitality industry waiting tables at the age of 14 and hasn't looked back since. She spent ten years curating the world's best whisky collection in her hometown of Omaha, as well as countless hours in whisk(e)y distilleries over the years. She has also spent time in Spain cultivating her knowledge of wine and maturation. Even with all of her years in the industry though, Monique knows there's always more to discover. "Two years on the distribution side have taught me that every day I have more to learn," she says. She firmly believes there is a whisky for every individual, and that the right amount of time and conversation is exactly what's needed to find the connection.

For over five years, Monique has served as a panelist with BevTest, specializing in spirits. She comes to every tasting with an open mind, ready to compound every day's food and beverage experience into a tasting note that is honest and helpful to consumers. "The diversity of the tasters really makes for the best tasting notes," she adds.
For more about Monique follow her on Twitter @whiskysommelier or visit her website at www.winebow.com.