About White Wines

White wines are those made from so-called "white" grapes, in which the skins have been removed form the juice before fermentation. This results in a white wine, yet the hue of a white wine ranges from straw to golden yellow and everything in between. As some grapes used for white wine have a pink or copper color (such as Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris, respectively), white wines made form these varieties will tend to have a copper or slight golden or silver color.

As white wines age, these color deepens; this is the opposite of red wines, which get paler with time. Thus a white wine that was straw-colored upon release (aged solely in steel or cement tanks) will have a deep yellow color after a few years. A white wine will also have a deeper color upon release, if it was made with skin contact or aged in small, toasted oak barrels.

White wines are produced in every wine-producing country and are generally the most consumed in every country. Famous examples include wines made from varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio), while there are indigenous varieties in many countries such as Marsanne and Roussanne (France), Greco, Fiano and Arneis (Italy) and Viura (Spain).

White wines tend to have lower alcohol than reds - from 8% for German whites to 13.5% or 14% for some examples of Chardonnay- as opposed to 12% -15.5% for reds. They should be serve chilled and are best paired with seafood, pastas with cream sauces and white meats.

Top Picks for White Wines

Jarvis 2019 Finch Hollow Chardonnay
96 points
A wood-driven, luxurious Chardonnay sipper that comes alive with aeration; decant or cellar.
Awards: 2021 Best Chardonnay
Berton Vineyards 2022 Metal Label Flavored Moscato Frizzanté Riverina
95 points
Best Buy
A fascinating and delectable Moscato Frizzante with just a hint of extra floral lift and spiced complexity.
95 points $13 Best Buy
Wakefield 2022 Promised Land Chardonnay
95 points
Best Buy
A New World under study well-suited to fill in for Village level white Bourgogne.
Awards: '2022 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 White Wine $15 and Under' Best Value Australian Chardonnay 2022 Best Chardonnay
95 points $13 Best Buy
Peller Estates 2021 Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
95 points
Best Buy
A supple and satisfyingly fresh Sauvignon Blanc sipper with excellent varietal character.
95 points $10 Best Buy
Weis Vineyards 2020 Winzer Select A Riesling
95 points
A rich, late harvest style Riesling with great concentration of attractive sweet fruit flavors; pair with spicy Asian dishes or cheeses for dessert.
Awards: '2022 New York Wine Classic - Best White Wine' Best Overall Riesling 2022 Best Riesling (Sweet)
Jarvis 2019 Unfiltered Finch Hollow Chardonnay
95 points
A silky, dreamy Napa Chardonnay with great ageability; seriously structured, expertly vinted and highest quality.
Cannonball 2022  Sauvignon Blanc
94 points
Best Buy
A very New World expression of Sauvignon Blanc with juicy, tropical fruits leaping from the glass.
94 points $16 Best Buy
Jarvis 2020 Unfiltered Finch Hollow Chardonnay
94 points
A very, very good Chardonnay here. Oaky but with the quality of fruit sufficient to balance and improve with age.
Topsail 2021  Sauvignon Blanc
94 points
Best Buy
Exactly what you want from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with much extra depth and savory tones.
Awards: '2022 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 White Wine $15 and Under' Best Value New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
94 points $15 Best Buy
Ehret Family Winery 2021 Bavarian Lion Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
94 points
A inviting tropical style of Sauvignon Blanc that is sure to please as a sipper or table companion.