About White Moscato White Wine

About White Moscato White Wine
Grown around the world, the Moscato grape produces some of the most delightful sweet wines, ranging from very delicate to quite lush. The perfumes of a Moscato wine are heavenly, with notes of peach, apricot, orange blossom and ginger that are dominant. These wines are made to emphasize the aromatics and freshness, so most examples of Moscato are made without oak and are released early for immediate pleasure.

Top Picks for White Moscato

Berton Vineyards 2022 Metal Label Flavored Moscato Frizzanté Riverina
95 points
Best Buy
A fascinating and delectable Moscato Frizzante with just a hint of extra floral lift and spiced complexity.
95 points $13 Best Buy
Stone Hill NV Moscato Hermann
93 points
Best Buy
A rich, vibrantly fruity, floral sweet wine that is sure to please.
93 points $9 Best Buy
Saracco 2020 Moscato dAsti Piemonte DOC
92 points
Best Buy
Lovely balance and complex honied flavors shine in this great example of Piedmont's Moscato d'Asti.
Awards: 2021 Best Moscato d'Asti
92 points $16 Best Buy
Kirkland Signature 2022  Moscato dAsti DOCG
91 points
Best Buy
A light and playfully sweet sipper that will be a total crowd pleaser at Saturday morning tailgates.
91 points $7 Best Buy
Saracco 2021  Moscato
90 points
Best Buy
Tailgates or family picnics, this ripe and floral Moscato d'Asti will make for an easy drinking brunch wine.
Awards: '2022 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 3 Sparkling Wine $20 and Under' Best Summer BBQ White Wine 2022 Best Piedmont Moscato d'Asti
90 points $18 Best Buy
Cupcake 2021  Moscato DAsti DOCG
89 points
Best Buy
A lovely sweet fruit salad in your glass; sure to be a crowd pleaser.
89 points $13 Best Buy
101 North NV  White Moscato
89 points
Best Buy
Sweet and fruity with a wisp of bitter complexity to add a contrast makes this a more interesting food pairing than the average Moscato.
89 points $5 Best Buy
Reggae NV Moscato White Moscato
89 points
Best Buy
A sweet treat of a wine; serve with fruit pastries.
Awards: '2022 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 White Wine $8 and Under' Best Dessert Wine
89 points $6 Best Buy
Penns Woods NV Estate White Moscato
89 points
A well balanced Moscato, fruity and crisp and extremely enjoyable.
Jersey NV  White Moscato
88 points
Sweet fun and fruity, this would make for a solid after dinner wine.