About Vidal Blanc White Wine

About Vidal Blanc White Wine
Vidal Blanc is a French hybrid grape found in New York State and Canada. Developed in the 1930s, it is ideal in these territories, as the vine can withstand hash winters. Its most famous use is as an ice wine, produced in Ontario.

Top Picks for Vidal Blanc

White Horse Winery 2021 Estate Vidal Blanc
92 points
A clean and precise Vidal Blanc that will please Chardonnay and Riesling drinkers.
Awards: 2022 Best Vidal Blanc
Old York Cellars 2021  Vidal Blanc
89 points
Fruity, floral, and almost sweet to the nose but a lovely dry wine on the palate that will pair well with fruit vinegar dressed salads.
Cape May Winery 2022 Stone Series Estate Grown Vidal Blanc
88 points
A lovely, crisp and refreshing wine that is food friendly and more than acceptable as a replacement for a Bordeaux Blanc.
White Horse Winery 2022 Estate Vidal Blanc
87 points
A pleasing aperitif that would pair nicely with a salad mixed with fruits and goat cheese.
Hark Vineyards 2021 Virginia Verde Vidal Blanc
87 points
A zesty and mildly perfumed daily table white.
Johnson Estate 2021 Freelings Creek Reserve Vidal Blanc
86 points
Best Buy
A fruity, floral, and slightly sweet crowd pleaser.
86 points $13 Best Buy
Stone Hill Winery 2020  Vidal Blanc
85 points
Nice enough and drinkable but shows potential to be more.