About Rosé Wine

Rosé is wine made from red grapes that has had minimal contact with the grape skins to yield a blush, copper, salmon or pink color. Rose's can be made form any number of red grapes, from lighter-styled, such as Grenache to a more robust style of red, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. While a rosé could be a blend of white and red wines, most of the finest and most famous rosés are made exclusively from red grapes; of course; the color of the wine can only come from red grapes. (note that for a Rosé sparkling wine, white wines are often part of the blend with red wines).

Rosés range from very dry to medium sweet; the most sought after are dry, as these pair better with more foods, such as red meats and poultry. Generally, a rosé is light to medium bodied with flavors of strawberry, pear and cherry; these should be consumed in their youth for their freshness. There are a handful of rosés that can age for up to five to seven years, but this is rare.

While rosé is seen as a textbook summer sipper, the richest, driest examples can be enjoyed with dinner at any time of the year; these are clearly not simple "pink" wines. While they do not represent a large section of the market, rosés are starting to become more popular with the public, as they become familiar with the qualities of these wines.

Top Picks for Rosé Wine

Sainte Marguerite En Provence 2022 Fantastique Rosé Côtes De Provence
96 points
Ripe red berries complimented with citrus zest and a voluptuous, round finish make up this absolutely stunning Rosé.
Sainte Marguerite En Provence 2023 Fantastique Rosé Côtes De Provence
95 points
A sensationally delicious and satisfying Rosé that is crisp as a dollar bill with lifted acidity and lovely tangy wild strawberry notes.
Sainte Marguerite En Provence 2022 Symphonie Rosé Côtes De Provence
95 points
Balance red fruits, citrus, and savory herbs; a simply beautiful example of Provence Rosé.
Wayne Gretzky 2021 Founders Series Rosé Niagara Peninsula VQA
95 points
Best Buy
Well done Niagara, this Rosé is going to give France a run for their money.
Awards: 2022 World Wine Championships - Best Value Canadian Rose
95 points $13 Best Buy
Fulkerson 2023 Estate Rosé Syrah
94 points
Best Buy
A superb bright and refreshing Rosé with oodles of summer fruits, berries, and pinpoint acidity.
Awards: '2024 New York Wine Classic - Best Pink Wine' 2024 New York Wine Classic - Best Rosé (0 to 2% RS)
94 points $16 Best Buy
Sainte Marguerite En Provence 2023 Symphonie Rosé Côtes De Provence
94 points
A silky, juicy Provence Rosé that hits all the right buttons at the right time; serve chilled.
The Aromantiques 2023 Rosé Clare Valley
94 points
A very berry forward Rosé that will prove to be a lovely sipper all on its own and also has enough acidity and complexity to pair with dinner.
Encostas Do Lima 2021 Rosé Vinho Verde DOC
94 points
Best Buy
A nice crisp Rosé and a wonderful food pairing for any Mediterranean seafood and tomato cuisine.
94 points $12 Best Buy
Peller Estates 2021 Family Reserve Rosé Niagara Peninsula VQA
94 points
Best Buy
Fruity yet savory, this is an easy enough to drink every day Rosé, but also complex enough to bring to dinner.
Awards: Exceptional Value
94 points $9 Best Buy
Zonte’s Footstep 2022 Scarlet Ladybird Rosé Fleurieu Peninsula
94 points
Best Buy
A dry yet fruit-forward Rosé with well balanced acidity, this would hold up to the classic French Rosé styles.
Awards: 2022 World Wine Championships - Best Value Australian Rose Most Giftable Wine
94 points $20 Best Buy