About Rosé Wine from Argentina

About Rosé Wine from Argentina
Argentina is the fifth largest wine producing country in the world and much of that has to do with one wine, Malbec, which has become synonymous for Argentinean wine. By far, the most widely planted variety -red or white - in the country (almost twice as much planted as the next red variety, Bonarda), Malbec with its deep color, ripe berry fruit and light, peppery spice, has become wildly popular with consumers, looking for a flavorful red at the right price. There are dozens of very fine examples of Malbec from the Mendoza region available on USA retail shelves for $12-$16. Some of these same producers are also crafting $25 and version of Malbec, to show the aging ability and potential of the variety; these are not yet sales successes for the most part. There are other notable reds produced in the country, namely Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. As for white wine, the signature variety is Torrontes, a medium-bodied white with light pear and tropical fruit flavors that is a pleasant sipper or partner with lighter seafood.

Top Picks for Argentina

Rosé Wine

Belasco De Baquedano 2022 Rosa De Argentina Malbec
90 points
Best Buy
A juicy, mouthwatering Rosé with a beautiful, inviting silvery pink color, lively fruit and acidity, and a warm satisfying finish; a charmer.
90 points $12 Best Buy
Osmosis 2022 Rosé Mendoza
86 points
Best Buy
An interesting wine that conjures up pairing thoughts of a fruit platter with berries and some ceviche.
86 points $14 Best Buy
Lancre 2021 Rosé Mendoza
85 points
Nice vibrant fruit flavors with floral notes that leap from the glass.
Belasco De Baquedano 2020 Rosa De Argentina Luján De Cuyo
81 points
A sturdy quaffer to server with a good chill.