About Rosé Wine from Bulgaria

About Rosé Wine from Bulgaria
Wine production has always held a special place in Bulgaria. The first wines were made there almost two thousand years ago and until the fall of communism, Bulgaria was the second largest wine-producing nation in the world. There are five major wine districts in the country, with the Black Sea being the leading region in terms of acreage. Most of the wines produced here are red, with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon being the principal varieties; most bottles are inexpensive (in the $10 range) and meant to be consumed within two to three years of their vintage date.

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Rosé Wine

Rough Day NV Rosé Danube River Plains
88 points
Best Buy
A zippy Rosé that is fruity and easy to drink yet also carries some welcome heft behind the fruity facade.
88 points $4 Best Buy