About Rose Moscato White Wine

About Rose Moscato White Wine
Grown around the world, the Moscato grape produces some of the most delightful sweet wines, ranging from very delicate to quite lush. The perfumes of a Moscato wine are heavenly, with notes of peach, apricot, orange blossom and ginger that are dominant. These wines are made to emphasize the aromatics and freshness, so most examples of Moscato are made without oak and are released early for immediate pleasure.

Top Picks for Rose Moscato

Sunshine Bliss NV  Rose Moscato
90 points
Best Buy
Steely pink color. Aromas and flavors of strawberry cream candies, crushed roses and lilies, and cinnamon sugar with a satiny, tangy, fruity medium body and a smooth, interesting, agreeable finish with notes of framboise syrup, bramble berries and sweet garden herbs, and wild strawberries with no oak flavor. A sweet Rosé with a surprising depth of savory notes and zippy acidity make this a perfect party treat.
Awards: Best Summer BBQ Rose Wine - Exceptional Value
90 points $4 Best Buy
Il Duca NV Sparkling Rosé White Moscato
88 points
Best Buy
Old gold color. Aromas and flavors of peach, guava and passionfruit, and mint leaf with an finely carbonated, fruity light-to-medium body and an interesting, medium-to-long finish with impressions of peach and raspberry candies, fruit punch, pineapple, and lemon sorbet. Light and refreshing, with ripe peach leaping from the glass and a touch of herbal notes to give the palate complexity.
88 points $12 Best Buy
Gancia NV Moscato Rosé Italy
86 points
Best Buy
Light amber salmon color. Aromas of red cherry, white cherry, and clover honey with a soft, effervescent, sweet medium-to-full body and an effortless, medium-length strawberry hard candy, canned peach, sun tea, persimmons, and mango finish with no oak flavor. A bright and berry-forward Moscato for brunch or dessert pairing.
86 points $9 Best Buy
Penns Woods NV  Rose Moscato
84 points
Medium pink coral color. Aromas of pink grapefruit and raspberry blossom with a supple, racy, petillant, off-dry light body and a polished, brisk rose petal finish with no oak flavor. A bright and citrusy Rosé Moscato for summer sipping.
Franzia NV Pink Moscato California
84 points
Pink coral color. Aromas and flavors of watermelon candies, honeysuckle, and ripe apricot with a satiny, crisp, moderately sweet light-to-medium body and an even, carefree finish with no oak flavor. A juicy-sweet Moscato Rosé with tasty notes of watermelon.