About Guadeloupian Spirits

About Guadeloupian Spirits
Agricole Rhum, rum made from fresh cane juice with an AOC certified process, is the leading alcoholic spirit of the French West Indies nation of Guadeloupe. White rhum is most popular, but there are also golden rhums aged for five to eight years in ex-bourbon barrels or ex-Cognac barrels. Quality is very high, especially with the VSOP or Hors de Age rums, which offer flavors of baking spices and are elegant and robust on the palate.

Top Picks for Guadeloupe

Damoiseau Rhum Agricole
95 points
Clear color. Lively, creamy, earthy aromas and flavors of warm goat’s milk custard, cane, coconut husk, and green pineapple and papaya with an oily, shy, fruity full body and a peppery, complex, long finish with notes of white toffee, dried tropical fruits, peppery spices, and wet limestone finish. A robust roller coaster of earthy mineral and cane flavors with a peppery finish.
95 points $36.95
Damoiseau XO Rum
94 points
Golden amber color. Rich, complex, oaky aromas and flavors of pencil shavings, chocolate, dried banana and mango, and delicate spices with a glycerous, soft, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth, subtle, medium-length finish imparting notes of coconut water, minerals, and vanilla cream finish. A very smooth and elegant sipping rum.
94 points $72.95
Damoiseau Cane Rhum
88 points
Clear color. Mild, earthy, creamy aromas of coconut soufflé, cane stalk, macadamia nougat, and yeasty pastry with a silky, shy, dryish light-to-medium body and a smooth, interesting, brisk nut oil, powdered sugar, chalk, and straw finish. A solid white rum with good texture and smoothness.
88 points $32.95