Our Panels

How We Work

We conduct blind tastings of wines, beers, and spirits several days a week to produce our ratings and reviews. Our tasting panels include highly experienced, professional tasters and tastemakers that must be industry buyers or experts such as beverage directors, educators, retailers, restaurateurs, mixologists, or prominent beverage writers. Over the last 35 years, hundreds of drinks industry professionals have tasted on our panels, contributed their insights, and shared in our unique, collaborative evaluation and learning process.

Many of our judges have completed certifications of their own, however they train using our proprietary blind tasting methodology and develop world-class tasting and analytical skills that give them an advantage in the market. If you feel you meet these qualifications and are a member of the trade or media and would like to join us to audit a blind tasting panel, please email us at bti@tastings.com to initiate our highly-selective approval process.


Our Core Values

We have a large network of collaborative industry specialists who believe in these four core values we uphold at Tastings:
  • Trustworthy - being transparent, reliable, honest and responsible
  • Critical - being constructive, decisive, analytical, insightful and informative
  • Independent - being a leader, a motivator, authentic, discerning, confident, generous and humble
  • Spirited - being bubbly, enthusiastic, lighthearted and lively

Benefits Of Tasting With Us

Our judges enjoy success inside and outside our Chicago tasting room. Benefits include:
  • Intensely collaborative learning and professional development
  • Distinction and prestige within the industry
  • Insider knowledge and experience with new products, many not in the Midwest or US markets
  • Extended industry relationships
  • Direct-to-producer contact information for new brands
  • Consumer event hosting potential
  • Access to our audience and content stream as a contributor