About Vietnamese Spirits

Vietnam produces a variety of international spirits like vodka and soju, but they are most noted for their unique sticky rice based spirits which range from shochu like liquors to exotic umami and fruit flavor driven liqueurs.
Top Picks for Vietnam
Sơn Tinh
Nếp Cẩm Sticky Red Rice "Port" Liqueur
Bright dark amber color. Bright, interesting, fruity umami aromas of spicy baked goji berries, dried mushrooms, soy roasted nuts, and peppery spices with a satiny, racy, sourish medium-full body and a tingling, elegant, medium-long fresh cut wheatgrass, honeyed dried cherries, dusty beets, and peppered kale finish. A very interesting earthy, fruity, vegetal spirit; try as a vermouth in cocktails.
Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab
Clear. Aromas of cotton candy with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a buttercream, limestone, rice candy and delicate pepper accented finish. Very smooth and tasty.
Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab
Son Tinh
Nep Phu Loc Premium Liquor
Clear. Very mild nose with a hint of green pear and rice candy. Soft and delicate on the palate with a silky, dryish light body and a balsa, powdered sugar, and tapioca accented finish with noticeable peppery warmth. Rather like a more robust shochu.
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Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab